Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Exhibition & Survivor Presentations

Forsyth Tech in Winston-Salem, NC is featuring a presentation by two hidden children on Nov. 2. The presentations begin "Life in Shadows: Hidden Children and the Holocaust," a special exhibition on hidden children during the Holocaust. The exhibition runs Nov. 2-30.
Note on terminology: I use the term "survivor" throughout this blog in the broadest sense to designate the entire range of people whose lives were disrupted because they were targeted during the Holocaust. In accordance with terminology used by many researchers, "survivor" in this context designates those who endured concentration or death camps, forced labor camps, deportation, hiding, ghettos, fleeing, partisan resistance, etc. We must respect the wishes of some survivors to limit the term "survivor" only to certain categories such as those who did not flee/escape or those who lived through the concentration/death camps. Terms such as "witness" seem too neutral to describe many experiences of those targeted by the Nazi regime. "Witness" also does not clearly distinguish between those who were the objects of bigotry, aggression, or violence and those bystanders who passively observed the Holocaust unfold. It is revealing that our language still lacks adequate resources even to name properly all those who have been the objects of past and future animosities.

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